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The ultimate Lada Niva site

Welcome to Baxter's Lada Niva site — the Temple of Niva.
Probably destined to become like my driveway and my mind - full of rusty dead cars, projects, and hopes.

Newbie's Niva Guide
Niva Newbies Guide / FAQ
Essential reading. -
Welcome to the world of Nivas, now here's a couple of things you might want to know...

Niva Technical Resources & Modifications
Technical: Niva resources and modifications

Baxter's collected knowledge-base of Niva resources.
Includes modifications, off-road upgrades, overhauls, swaps, essential maintenance, tips & tricks, and lifts.

Cloggy's Niva Site
Cloggy's Fiat DOHC Niva swap
Official archive of Cloggy's famous Fiat DOHC Niva conversion, and more.

Baxter's Niva Story
Baxter's Niva

The trials and tribulations of Baxter's induction into Nivaesti membership.
Updated sporadically, as time and life allows

Niva Sticker Downloads
Niva sticker downloads
Includes high-resolution versions.

Pimp that Niva, Yeah!

Niva Gallery & Videos
Niva image gallery

Over 10,000 old-school Lada Niva images.
"Like hardcore Niva porn, centre page spread in PlayNiva or Readers Niva monthly" -John, Liverpool, UK

Niva Clubs around the World
Niva clubs

Over 50 Lada Niva clubs & forums.
Nivaesti from Argentina to New Zealand...

Baxter's interesting & useful Niva Links
Niva links
My favourite and most useful Niva places on the interweb.



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Contact Baxter

This site's Facebook fan-page is Baxter's Niva Site - the Temple of Niva — this is the best way of contacting me regarding Nivas :)

I'm "Baxter" or "baxter" on a number of Lada forums (though sadly don't regularly check into many of them), my personal Facebook page is Mark Baxter , and I'm user "Tartanperil" on Trademe if you're wondering. You can txt/telephone me on New Zealand 021-1146-753.

And please remember that this is a non-commercial, non-expert, all-volunteer website. While I will try to deal with everything in a mostly timely fashion, but there's nobody sitting behind some desk dispensing cheery greetings to callers, brewing the morning coffee, doggedly researching the answers to your questions, and giving professional advice. So if it takes more than a few days to get back to you, please accept my apologies in advance.
And remember there's always several FB groups & forums as an excellent source of advice.



Baxters Temple of NIVA Site

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